Is he a good boyfriend even though he didn't tell his ex about me? (And its almost been a year!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Separation from the Relationship

So he wants to take a break for several weeks from the relationship to get himself together?
But what does he have to do in several weeks that he can't do sooner and work at it together??? After just finding out on Valentines Day of this year his ex-girlfriend keeps calling him, even though she somehow got a hold of his new number he claims he didn't give her, he hasn't told her he has a girlfriend for the past 11 months! I just don't understand how he would get on my case for talking to my friend (though he is also my ex from +5 years ago) who knows i am in a relationship from the beginning and he is also in his own relationship, that my boyfriend couldn't even tell his ex he was in a relationship. Next month will be our 1 year anniversary.
So now he wants 3 weeks to get himself together to be the man he wants/needs to be for himself and for me.
What am I to think?!

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  1. Men can be such hard cases when it comes down to it. When you don’t understand the heart life seems to just play tricks on you and if you let it then this is what happens. This gentlemen needs to figure out if he really loves you for real and make up his mind or walk. Not so simple I know but at least you can save on the many months of confusion and move on. Note, allowing him to make such a decision without your input will only lead to negative male dominants syndrome. A condition when men feel all so powerful and takes it for granted. Any person in this situation needs to understand that their significant other is only human and can get confused about what they want. So don’t let them drag you down because of their lack of understanding. Move on before it gets worst.